Showcasing the authentic Nigerian experience through a board game

One Chance board game

  • Game design
  • Grapics design
  • Illustration
  • Packaging Design
Project Overview
The team set out to create a board game that illustrates the essence of what it means to be Nigerian in a fun and exciting way, by presenting and reliving the authentic Nigerian eperience for Nigerians (Naija) at home, in diaposara and lovers of Naija globally. One Chance is a common Naija word that is often used to refer to a situation (mostly bad) with no chance of escaping it. In which ‘only God can save you’. The game teaches how to be street-smart, to grow wealth, save and invest wisely while making dreams come true. It is to be pocket and travel friendly and for family friends and everyone.


Inspirations were drawn from the vibrant Lagos life, scenery and colours. The ‘Danfo’ buses are typical of Logos and Nigeria at large.

Identity mark Development

Here are some of the early identity mark that were explored during the development stages.

Character Development

One Chance chronicles the life and experiences of 9 Nigerians living in Lagos.
Unsurprisingly each of these characters are living through their own version of the Nigerian dream. These character change their expressions to reflect the outcome of the gameplay. Character illustrations were done by the talented Etubi Onucheyo.

Card Design

Here are some of the initial ideas for the cards. 

Box design

The goal was to make the game pocket and travel-friendly, so considerations were made to reduce redundant spaces and make the package compact.

Iterations were also made to the game dice to ensure the achieved the appropriate level of spin.

Product photography by Kolimo multimedia

3D rendering by Timeyin Gordon

Onechance launch Events

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