Who is Ifedayoh?

[ E - feh - da - yor ]

Traditionally spelt as ‘Ifedayo’, where ‘h’ implies ‘high performance’.

Ifedayoh is curious, innovative, and stylish.  When he is not being an existentialist, he is trying to leave a positive dent on the universe.

He is an Industrial designer who enjoys solving problems using thoughtful design.

My Journey

“...using design to
bring possibilities to life’’

Growing up, I knew I wasn’t cut out for the conventional career paths. I wanted to do something that requires the wits of science, the astonishing flair of art and the sheer prudence of commerce.
Upon discovering Industrial Design as a career option, I found purpose. I immediately became Archimedes shouting Eureka as I sprang all the way home. However, my excitement was soon cut short as a I couldn’t find a blueprint to guide me.

Fast forward several years later, 2020 to be precise, I conceived an idea which I developed, and submitted it for an global contest. Fortunately and to my unbelieve. I emerged as on one the winners, enabling me pursue my lifelong dream.

The experience taught me that design is more than just solving problems. It’s about bringing possibilities to life!

Possibilities for both the designers, the users, and society at large. One of hope, a better life, and a better future.

Everyone deserves a shot at this possibility too.

Quick facts about Me

Schooled In

Loughborough Univeristy- Intergrated Industrial Design (MSc.)
Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA)- Industrial Design [Graphics] (B.Tech)


"Don't plan to do tomorrow what you can do now."
"Done is better than perfect"

Weapon of choice

Adobe Creative Suite


Rebranding myself
Building businesses
Building social Capital
Seeking ID roles

Gift Ideas

Lucrative Ideas
Kindle Books
Designer Cologne
Nike Airforce (Hightops)
Oris men's watch

Bad Habits

Needless complexity
Creative restlesness

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Access Temporarily Denied

Email me; [email protected] to get access
(Professional Enquiries only)